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Artisan Violin Restoration now in Ocala, Florida! the sunshine state!
Serving Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and
the rest of the continental USA - Repair, Restoration, Retouching, Sound Assessment
Hello and Welcome to Artisan Violin Restoration!

For the past 20 years I have been restoring and repairing violins, violas, cellos, bows and the occasional bass. I specialize in vaViolin Restorationrnish retouching, repair, set-up, restoration and am the published author of the 1st and 2nd edition of “The Art of Violin Retouching”. In my violin restoration - repair shop, I approach each repair or restoration as a unique work of art. I carefully restore the craftsmanship and musical tone of each instrument. My business is both national and international. In addition to my violin restoration business, I teach motivational classes for school children about Violins, Violas, Cellos and hands-on experiential retouching and repair workshops for adults.

This is the original Artisan Violin TM started in 2000 in Durango, CO.

Feel free to explore more of my improved website! Artisan Violin Restoration is now based in the central section of Florida in Ocala, FL. I continue to have a successful national client base via shipping USPS. This is the original Artisan Violin company started in 2000. I look forward to working with you and especially on your cherished Violin, Violia or Cello or Bow. I can usually give you a very accurate quote with just emailed photos.

Your quote is just an e-mail away!
Just make sure they are sharp, clear, close ups of the areas in question, For restoration purposes, take photos of the top and bottom tables, ribs, scroll, pegbox and any parts you have. I can then discuss various repair, restoration or retouching options with you! And yes, I do bows too..

Other RestorationsOffered
Every so often Guitars, Mandolins, Banjos, Dulcimers, Ukuleles and more will grace my shop. From simple retouching to fret replacement and settings of actions, I can provide you with my exceptional craftsmanship. I also do wood Gunstock restoration - http://artisanstockrestoration.com

Scroll Graft
Just a few of the services Artisan Violin Restoration offers:

Repairs & Free Quotes
Finishes & Antiquing
Structural Augmentation
Rib Grafts
Rib Shortening
Neck Grafts & Resetting
Peg Replacement and fitting
Peg box Bushings
Scroll Repair
Crack Repairs with Cleats
Bridge Tuning & Replacement
Sound Post Fitting

Ebony Nut Fitting
Fingerboard replacement
Button Grafts
Edge Grafting
Soundpost Patches
Instructional Classes
Bass Bar Enhancement
Arching Correction - Casting
Flank Repair Grafts
Photo Documentation
Tonal Sound Enhancement
And yes... I do bows!


Artisan Violin Restoration TM
E-mail us: artisanviolin@bsiweb.net
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Artisan Violin Restoration