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The Art of Violin Retouching
By Brian Epp (Artisan Violin Restoration)
The Art of Violin Retouching

I consider this book to be an ode to craftsmanship. Craftsmen and artisans over the centuries have handed down their knowledge and added their creative gifts to the rich heritage that continues to bless humanity. For me, working in the shop is my way into peace, and the final restored and retouched violin is the product of that state of balance.

The contents cover: Perception of Color, Optimal Workspace and the Tools needed, Preparation of the surface, Base color, Colorizing a Dark Crack, Varnish & Color Layering - Brush Strokes and much more!

This is the second edition of what may be the first book of its kind to clearly & informatively lay out the intriguing process of violin retouching. The book reads as if its title should be “Zen and the Art of Violin Retouching.” I created this book to be a beautifully illustrated, spiral bound instructional manual that can be layed down hands free instruction. Simultaneously weaving my own crisp philosophy and heartwarming reminiscences throughout its pages, this is truly a gem for the lay person or for the professional artisan.

“Being detail oriented is a state of mind. It is a simple way of serenely calming the senses to a finite point of focus, accompanied by a healthy curiosity to see beyond what is first obvious. I invite you to take a violin and study it. As you go through this book, there are suggestions that will help you along the way to become detail oriented. The suggestions may seem simplistic at times, but it takes discipline to slow down and develop the ability to see detail, so be patient . . .”

My book can be aquired from:
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Art of Violin Retouching
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