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Scraper Scroll Scroll Graft Button Graft Viola repair
Flank Scroll Graft   Mother of Pearl Rib Top crack repair

Varnish Retouching

Enhancing and augmenting the original finish of a violin is an intricate art. The task involves preserving the aesthetic character of each violin in every hue and wood grain pattern. The original finish is re-created in retouching by carefully layering pigments and varnishes of varying colors and depths. I found retouching to be the final step to any repair. Enhancing the instrument tquality and feel. Below are just a few of the projects I have undertaken.


Restoration & Repair

I take enjoyment in each instruments restoration. The restoration and repair goal entails restoring structural integrity. Then utilizing various retouching techniques to compliment the instruments original expression, age and wear patterns. I also work with clients on enhancing the tonal qualities of their instrument. Subtle adjustments to the bridge, soundpost, tailpiece, chinrest, strings, and fine tuners can make quite a significant difference in the sound quality and tone. With photo documentation you become an integral part of your instruments restoration and repair.

Button Neck repair
Scroll graft
Tip repair
Scroll tip graft repair
Flank Bushing repair
Cello Crack repair
Peg Bushing Flank repair
Rib Shortening
Bow Repair
Antiquing Varnish Finish
Broken Neck repair
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