A beautiful burly maple violin restored to enhance the grain.
This Maggini violin copy was restored and antiqued, complete with faux varnish. To the right, front and back views show the dark and light areas that mimic varnish wear. Above a closeup shows the artistic rendition of fine scratches.

Restoration is different than repair in that restoration rebuilds and often grafts new wood or retouches areas to recreate the former glory of the instrument, where repair utilizes the existing damaged parts. The restoration goal is to re-create the damaged areas of the instrument as closely as possible to it's original expression. Because the wood of stringed instruments actually improves with age in its ability to resonate, it is of value to restore an instrument to its original condition. Structural restoration gives new strength to the instrument, as well as improved tonal quality.

Quality Retouching is a key factor in the restoration of any instrument.

This group of photos below show a broken missing Scroll tip that I grafted a new compatable block to the area, then carved to match the other side and retouched.

Call or e-mail me to recieve an estimate of the restoration or retouching possibilities of your violin, viola, cello or bass. Feel free to e-mail or send pictures as I can make a general estimate for you from them.

Some violins retain their value by preserving the original finish, and leaving wear blemishes. Others will benefit from a partial or complete varnish restoration. In many cases, proper refinishing and polishing techniques bring out the beauty of the wood grain as well as improve the sound by allowing the wood to breath and resonate better.


The top photo shows a puncture in the underside of this pegbox. This repair required that a new piece of wood be grafted into the hole (second photo). The photo at the right shows the pegbox after retouching.
This photo shows the reshaping of a violin rib that had warped while stored in an attic for 40 years. A counter form combined with steaming is being used to nurse it back to its original curved shape.