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The Many Services
Artisan Violin Restoration offers:


Retouching and Cleaning
Repairs & Free Quotes
Finishes & Antiquing
Structural Augmentation
Rib Grafts
Rib Shortening
Neck Grafts & Resetting
Peg Replacement and fitting
Perfection Peg Istallation
Peg box Bushings
Scroll Repair
Full Set-up
Crack Repairs with Cleats
Bridge Tuning & Replacement
Sound Post Fitting

C-Bout Tip Repair Grafts
Scroll, pegbox grafts

* Restoration & Repair
* Integrated Classes

* School Presentations
* Varnish Finishing

Endpin Installation
Ebony Nut Fitting - Top and Tail
Fingerboard replacement
Button Grafts
Edge Grafting
Soundpost Patches
Action Adjustment
Instructional Classes
Bass Bar Enhancement
Arching Correction - Casting
Flank Repair Grafts
Photo Documentation
Tonal Sound Enhancement

And yes... I do bows!
Head Repair
Block Replacement
Frog Repair
Bow-Stick Grafting


* Restoration & Repair
So often I am asked, "What is the difference between Restoration and Repair?

is when the violin , viola or cello has been structurally damaged and is either performing poorly or is no longer functioning. Or when the need for sound enhancement, string change, soundpost adjustment, bridge replacement, crack repairs, and basically all aspects that have to do with playability.

is the art of complimenting the instruments original expression, age and wear patterns. By utilizing the techniques of varnish retouching, I can both recreate and enhance the natural beauty of the original varnish while actually recreating any scratches, color and wear patterns, I enhance the total violin. The beauty of retouching is it can be fit to each violin differently.

Below, and on my portfolio page, are some repair restoration examples for your discovery into the world of Violin, Viola and Cello repair and restoration. Also, take a look at my book, "The Art of Violin Retouching", now in the second edition. A first of it's kind to be a photo guide in the Art of Retouching.

Integrated Classes
I have been asked by many of my clients to hold classes in a number of subjects, and especially on Retouching. This year, I will be assembling classes in the Port Orange, Florida area. Most of the classes for restoration will be between two and five days. Stay tuned to my website and FaceBook page for dates!

School Presentations
It is such a pleasure to work with enthusiastic students, and I have been invited to give presentations to orchestra students of all ages. My presentations are custom fit to the age of the audience and the subjects the teacher wants to cover. I use fun, often large props to show intriguing aspects of stringed instruments.

Varnish Finishing
I have had a number of clients and luthiers ask me to varnish their white violins, and often with antiquing techniques. I welcome expressing the artistic rendering of a new violin to look classic and well played. Let me know your wishes and I will give you a quote that fits your needs and budget.

Rib Clamping
Violin Colorization   Retouching
Sound post
Cello Clamping
Varnish Antique
Workshop Artisan
Artisan Violin Restoration TM
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